Hi, I’m Plur-e we’re a mobile solution that integrates

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Can you imagine managing all your sales from your phone?

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I can receive inventory and raw materials using barcoding, can receive against a purchase order in Dynamics 365, and once the inventory has been received and tagged, I can move it in the warehouse, assist with stock counts and any other warehouse activity.


If you manufacture items, I can help move raw materials and process them through work-centers and operation codes using barcodes, capturing employee times.

Ready to manage your entire inventory from your phone?

We can help you!

Warehouse Management System

I can move it in the warehouse , help with stock count and any other warehouse activity. I can save time spent to manage inventory and the regular efforts by up to 70% with your operation.


I can also use our technology to help pick and pack sales orders in your warehouse and work offline. If your business requires delivery or simply shipping through third party, I can help ship those items with our barcode system.


Finally, if a business needs a remote sales force where prices, items and customer information is required, I will assist and provide that information for a successful remote sale, including received payments. Remember, we can work offline!

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